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Yes! You can effectively manage your finances with the help of a free accounting package, whether you are a small business owner, an independent contractor, or a housewife.

In general, those who refer to free software consider these applications to have poor quality. At the minimum, the functionality is only available on a trial basis or with limited features. However, this is not always the case with all free accounting programs. There are companies that will support your small business by giving you accounting software at no cost.

The main idea is that, as your business develops, you’ll leave the bandwagon of free product owners and become a paying consumer since you’ll need to upgrade to a more functional and feature-packed software version. Furthermore, you may have to incorporate other compatible services or products from the same company, helping them generate more money from you.

Another significant factor associated in the decision to furnish free small business accounting packages includes if users have utilized a free application to build their existing accounting records, they will be searching for a program that is compatible to it once they upgrade. Nobody really looks forward in recreating accounting files.

These marketing strategies also provide business owners like you the chance to try out different accounting applications for free before you commit with one as part of your long-term investment.

Accounting Options

For basic free accounting package, the most accessible program is your very own spreadsheet. And even if you don’t have Excel as a pre-loaded program in your computer, you can avail of free spreadsheets from different sources. If you are trying to manage your household budget, you can simply set up a page for every expense and then get your outlined cells to automatically sum up your incoming and outgoing cash.

It is not recommended to make use of accounting package software at no cost if you’ll use it on your business but don’t grant you some sort of encryption. You should not also give in to freely available accounting applications that will allow you to utilize their program in exchange of your personal information, specifically your bank account details.

You may come across with accounting software package that permits you to import spreadsheets directly from your bank – meaning you can export or transmit them into something similar to CSV file from your bank system online and then import them into your accounting program. If you are not acquiescent to this idea, you can just type the figures yourself. This is the most helpful accounting application for you if you don’t manage too complex finances.


If you have never used accounting software before, you should read the instruction manual carefully. Many programs appear very simple on the surface, but you’ll realize soon that they are complicated and not user-friendly. Look for free accounting package that comes with templates as well as wizards designed into the front end to assist you in getting your financial data into the program accurately.

Do your homework by spending some time determining what features and segments you need in managing your finances at home or in your business.

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