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An accounting software is a type of computer software or program that aids the accounting professionals in managing their accounts and perform accounting operations. The single entry systems are the simplest forms of accounting programs; they automate simple tasks like record keeping and check writing. The double entry systems, on the other hand, have special functions for the general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. There are some accounting software packages that are more sophisticated and they support functions for payroll, invoicing, inventory, and fixed assets. Moreover, other high-end accounting programs can even support sales analysis and time billing.

Some Accounting Software for Free

There are free accounting packages software that can be downloaded online. The most famous examples for this are GnuCash Free Accounting Software and Responsive Software Ledger, both may be downloaded from their respective websites any time.

The GnuCash is a financial accounting software for small business and personal use, which is freely licensed under the GNU GPL, and is available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. This software is user-friendly and truly designed to promote ease of use, but is so powerful, efficient, and flexible as well. This accounting software allows its users to track bank accounts, stocks, and income and expenses. Moreover, this is based on professional accounting principles which ensure balanced books and accurate reports. More of the software highlights of GnuCash Free Accounting Software are double-entry accounting, stock, bond, or mutual fund accounts, small business accounting, customers, vendors, jobs, invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, reports, graphs, scheduled transactions, and financial calculations.

On the other hand, the Responsive Software Ledger is also a totally free accounting computer system designed for any organization that requires a general ledger or cashbook automation. This is super convenient and easy to install and use as well, thus, this free accounting package will also earn the interest of students who are still learning the double-entry bookkeeping. Furthermore, the Responsive Software Ledger also provides tested flexibility. It also promotes dynamic calculations for all account balances, hence, the standard accounting reports may be created for any arbitrary date or period set by the user without the need for a period close or rollover. Although the Responsive Software Ledger makes it easy to work like an accountant, the user is still required to understand the basics about double-entry bookkeeping and the functions of a general ledger, and other basic accounting principles that are not really difficult to learn and understand.

Other accounting software like Express Accounts, which claims to manage and report business income and expenditures, is also available for free trial period, which may be downloaded from the NCH Software website. Some of the features of this business accounting system include tracking of incoming sales and receipts, tracking of outgoing payment and purchasing transactions, reconciling of account transactions with bank account statements, generating professional quotes, sales orders and invoices, creating accounts payable and paying the bills, automatically recording the recurring orders and invoices, creating and printing checks, and so much more.

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